Delaware County Progress Reporting Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Commonwealth College
Date Started: 
January 2001
improve the paper based progress report system to a web based system.

Previously, someone in DUS downloaded a file of all classes, transferred the data to an excel spreadsheet, printed out and sent to faculty the forms to fill out.
The faculty then returned the form to DUS, a staff assistant spent a week doing data entry and then reformatted the material to send to advisors so they could meet with advisees. The turn around time was three weeks. The new website allows faculty to enter information on attendance, grades and general comments. They are given one week to enter the data; it is reformatted and sent to the advisors and progress reports sent to students in one day, resulting in an eight-day turnaround time, for an improvement of 13 days.

Contact Person: 
  • Edward Tomezsko, Sponsor
  • George Franz, Leader