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Computer and Information Systems
Date Started: 
December 2000
Through the use of imaging technology, offices at Penn State have been able to reduce or eliminate paper, streamline processes, significantly reduce document retrieval time,eliminate data entry and recover valuable floor space.

Projects include:
--Human Resources Electronic Vacancy Management System
--Development and Alumni Relations donor and gift processing
--Admissions applications, both undergraduate and graduate
--University Police incident reports
--Vice President for Research Strategic Information Management System
--Office of Administrative Systems Electronic Document Distribution System
--Accounting Operations financial backup documents
--Office of Student Aid document storage and retrieval.

The digital transition has had a great impact on the university by: cost-effectively preserving important documents, providing immediate, secure internet access to documents, significantly improving customer service by expediating transactions, significantly improving efficiency and communication, reducing storage requirements, and completely avoiding duplication as paper documents are replaced by digital ones.

May 2002: The eDocument Distribution System (eDDS) is a tool that enables users to access and view reports via the Web. These reports, formerly received in printed form or viewed in RMDS on the Enterprise Server, are instead sent to the eDocument Distribution System and can be viewed with a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. They can then be saved, edited or printed locally. Formerly known as the COLD system, the name has been changed to better reflect its purpose.

Offices are using this tool to provide their customers with reports via the Web, rather than on paper. There are many benefits of this, not the least of which is saving the cost of paper and the work involved in the manual distribution of reports.

Many reports are now available on the eDocument Distribution System. Central offices such as Admissions, Registrar, and Student Aid store their reports on this system for faster distribution, easy and secure concurrent access, and the elimination of printing and storing paper reports.

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Karen Schultz
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