Strategic Plan for Computerization

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March 2000
Using CQI research tools (benchmarking, flowcharting of current processes, systems analysis assessment of staff readiness), the team developed a strategic plan for information systems. Selection, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated electronic medical record is underway.

June 2000: We are in the early phase of system implementation. Measurement will be an important part of our work over the next five years. Our outcome measures will address the following issues and will also involve an extensive cost benefit analysis:
--To improve customer satisfaction by having immediate access to medical records.
--To reduce errors or defects by integrating and standardizing systems and easing report generation.
--To save time by eliminating unnecessary duplication.

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David Lindstrom
  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • David Lindstrom, Leader
  • Larry Dansky, Member
  • Doris Guanowsky, Member
  • Lorraina Snook, Member