Outreach Marketing Communications Production CQI Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)
Date Started: 
October 1999
Speed of management of printed publications from job intake to delivery measured by: number of days to produce a first design proof and number of proofs needed to obtain printing approval.

The new, ideal process eliminated 20 steps from the current process and added two new jobs within the Office of Marketing Communications (OMC)

Reduced and eliminated idle time, rework, and backlog

Proofreaders correct errors instead of just returning marked up manuscripts to the account specialists

All publication manuscripts are proofread and corrected before being designed

Proofreaders check all first page proofs before they go to the client

A client handbook is in production

Designers are using a server to send job files to vendors which eliminates idle time

Designers are beginning to use PDF files to share page proofs with client

A gatekeeping system (the queue manager) has been implemented and evaluated

Reduced average number of days in shop
percent improvement from FY 98-99 to FY 99-00 = 22 percent
percent improvement from FY 99-00 to FY 00-01 (to date) = 34 percent
percent improvement from FY 98-99 to FY 00-01 (to date) = 48 percent

June 2000: The team has researched and come up with 18 recommendations as of
2/00. Six are done, eight in progress, and four have yet to begin.

Contact Person: 
Angela Rogers
  • Jackie Rosenfeld, Sponsor
  • Angela Rogers, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Amy Davis, Member
  • Cheryl Himes, Member
  • Trish Hummer, Member
  • Barbara Impellitteri, Member
  • Dave Maser, Member
  • Mindy Meyers, Member
  • Brian Mizikar, Member
  • Stacy Ostrofsky, Member
  • Janice Swayne, Member