Abington Parking Ticket CQI Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Abington College
Date Started: 
June 1999
To design a parking violation process that examines the college’s ticketing, appeal, and payment procedures.

Improved signage in the lots regarding expectations for parking

Streamlined appeals and ticket payment process to be maintained in one office, so students will be able to complete all their business in one centrally located office

Changed the ticket and appeal forms and restructure fine system

Changed the composition of the appeals committee

Implemented a new communication document on parking

Adjusted the timeline on the ticket appeals in order to have the entire process limited to no longer than 21 days.

Contact Person: 
Karen Jacobs-Hakim
  • Dale Hollenbach, Sponsor
  • Gale Siegel, Sponsor
  • Karen Jacobs-Hakim, Leader
  • Pat Clayton, Facilitator