Judicial Affairs Community Standards Information Management Process CQI Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Student Affairs
Date Started: 
October 1998
To examine and improve Judicial Affairs information systems, in particular, database of disciplinary records and reporting procedures and forms.

Identified 6 possible solutions for implementing improvments:

1. Re-engineer a system-wide electronic, online, dynamic and interactive Information Management System and Discipline Process.

2. Design a system that integrates OAS, WEB Sites, email, etc. enabling stakeholders to input and receive data and critical information in a dynamic fashion.

3. Design a "user friendly" program, with training and support on- and off-line, enabling users to perform critical functions related to their roles and responsibilities within the discipline process.

4. Develop a uniform standardization of forms, documents, and reports and establish a glossary for discipline-related terminology.

5. Design a dynamic report generation process with comprehensive data fields.

6. Design the system to incorporate scheduling and communication functions in conjunction with the discipline process.

Contact Person: 
Ed McGowan
  • Joe Puzycki, Sponsor
  • Don Suit, Sponsor
  • Bill Huston, Leader/Facilitator
  • Ed McGowan, Leader/Facilitator