Managing International Alumni Addresses

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October 1998
To improve the processes for acquiring and accessing addresses for international alumni for use by the Alumni Association and the Office of Development.

The Alumni Development Information System (ADIS) database is now complete from 1950 with 5,000 additional international citizenship codes totaling 9,111 records as of January 2000

Spending more time and money to locate all of the international alumni is not practical or feasible since the number of international alumni is so small (9,111) in comparison to the total alumni body (426,600) and over half of them living in the US

The Alumni Records Office is now making a concerted effort to update addresses of alumni abroad, using many means, including enlisting alumni and alumni chapters to review and update lists

The University Office of International Programs collects "Exit" forms from international students before graduation, which was automated so updates are now received electronically in batch, uploads to ADIS

To improve the creation of the Alumni Development Information System, the team recommends that a new collection process be established. The new process would select any records from ISIS with an indication of international citizenship at the time the student files an "Intent to Graduate Form"

The Alumni Association has also increased its use of e-mail addresses as a way to communicate with international alumni. To date, they have captured over 40,000 e-mail addresses from all alumni in an effort to make e-mail a viable means of communication

The various departments are now more proactive when it comes to keeping in contact with the alumni population. The departments believe more strongly than ever that what we do with and for international students while they are on campus, will go a long way to establishing strong ties back to Penn State once the students have graduated and left the university. This is an attitude change and will become more important as new programs are put into place

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George Moellenbrock
  • Jane Childs, Member
  • Peter Weiler, Sponsor
  • George Moellenbrock, Leader
  • Jim Hoy, Facilitator