Abington Benchmarking Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Abington College
Date Started: 
April 1998
To benchmark and improve processes around undergraduate student career development and retention as part of strategic planning.

Retention Outcomes

Found that our Orientation and other specific retention intervention programs are the gold standard.

Use institutional research process to produce a Penn State Abington Fact Book.

Career Services Outcomes

Develop a How-To-Manual for students planning to participate in an internship program at Penn State Abington.

Develop a new pamphlet which explains all services available at the Abington Career Development Center.

Each year, beginning with 1998, survey all graduates to determine:
- if they are employed in their field of study, and
- range of salary

Contact Person: 
Dale Hollenbach
  • Karen Wiley Sandler, Sponsor
  • Dale Hollenbach, Leader
  • Jennifer Lukoff, Facilitator