Abington Benchmarking Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Abington College
Date Started: 
April 1998
To benchmark and improve processes around undergraduate student career development and retention as part of strategic planning.
Desired Results: 

Retention Outcomes

Found that our Orientation and other specific retention intervention programs are the gold standard.

Use institutional research process to produce a Penn State Abington Fact Book.

Career Services Outcomes

Develop a How-To-Manual for students planning to participate in an internship program at Penn State Abington.

Develop a new pamphlet which explains all services available at the Abington Career Development Center.

Each year, beginning with 1998, survey all graduates to determine:
- if they are employed in their field of study, and
- range of salary

Contact Person: 
Dale Hollenbach
  • Karen Wiley Sandler, Sponsor
  • Dale Hollenbach, Leader
  • Jennifer Lukoff, Facilitator