C&IS Process Improvement through Technology, Part I

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Computer and Information Systems
Date Started: 
February 1998
To simplify the process of connecting customer to information; make Computer and Information systems information and services on the World Wide Web more accessible, intuitive and customer-friendly.

Re-designed the Computer and Communications web page

July 2000: There are currently 50 Web-Based Training tutorials that faculty, staff, and students can access. By the fall, there should be approximately 600 Web-Based tutorials.

Below are some stats pulled from our database:
--There are approximately 160 average new users per month.
--There are approximately 300 average users per month.
--There are approximately 2700 users that have accessed the tutorials between September 1999 and July 1, 2000.

We have just hired a Web-Based Training coordinator, April Sheninger (azs2@psu.edu). April will be your contact person next year regarding Web-Based Training.

Contact Person: 
Robin Anderson
  • Gary Augustson, Sponsor
  • Robin Anderson, Leader/Facilitator