Office of Sponsored Programs Strategic Information Management System (SIMS)

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January 1998
To develop and improve an executive information system that provides configurable and context appropriate information to research administrators and enables contract-grant managers and college and IRP-based administrators to manage negotiations.

400 executives, academic administrators and staff currently have access to SIMS.

More faculty and staff at the University have access to the data; Previously 60 people had access to the data; expected that 2000 faculty and staff will have data access by next year

The information system program was licensed to ERA Software Systems for a fee of $200,000 and subsequent running royalties based on commercial sales; there was an increase in productivity and decrease in phone calls to the Office of Sponsored Programs of 60%-80%

SIMS functionality was significantly extended with the addition of an electronic documents module in 2000 (see team 350) and the addition of faculty credit based reporting in 2002. The latter capability permits the distribution of credit according to faculty contribution and the area the research is focused upon both of which provide information that is useful in managing the University’s research enterprise.

Contact Person: 
Ken Forstmeier
  • Rodney Erickson, Sponsor
  • Ken Forstmeier, Leader
  • Chris Lose, Facilitator