Altoona Campus Just Do It Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Altoona College
Date Started: 
January 1997
The Just Do It Team gathers suggestions/comments/requests to improve the quality of our campus through teaching, student life and campus-community interaction as well as the overall campus environment through surveys. Then works with appropriate offices to handle implementation.

Monthly meetings to discuss, assign improvement tasks

Recent (1999-2000) results include changed paper directory to web page

Accomplishments include clocks in all classrooms, signs posted on faculty offices, campus phone in library for students, speed bumps, improved parking

Quality Input Form distributed monthly to staff

Reduced paperwork

Changed bill timing

Improved cleanliness of recreational area changing station

Added shelves in bathroom

Safety carpet in hallways; clocks & pencil sharpeners in all classrooms. Nametags for Professor's office; Handicap accessible door entrances; Cigarette urns outside all buildings; Two-way light switches in some classroom.

Contact Person: 
Sharon Lacue
  • William Cale, Sponsor
  • Sharon Lacue, Leader
  • Soma Sanyal, Leader
  • Michael Barroner, Member
  • Carole Bookhammer, Member
  • Tim Bruce, Member
  • Sue Dodson, Member
  • Rob Hippo, Member
  • Jacki Mowery, Member
  • Deb Wilshire, Member