Information and Learning Technologies External Benchmarking Core Process Team

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October 1995
To identify major trends and efforts at the federal, state, and university levels with respect to developing and implementing the information infrastructure critical to the teaching, research and service mission of the University.

The External Benchmarking Subcommittee conducting two related benchmarking studies designed to inform decision-making and process improvement in the learning and telecommunications infrastructure at Penn State.

A study of the information infrastructure at the state level revealed a wide variety of state systems, funding mechanisms, and relationships between universities and state government in the development and management of statewide learning and telecommunications infrastructures. The study suggests that there are excelent opportunities for public universities to work with state government to facilitate the development of networks and technology systems to support learning. There are also several interesting models for universities to develop relationships with K-12 schools and other agencies through the use of statewide networks. While funding mechanisms vary considerably, the study illustrates several funding models that may be of value in PA. The Subcommittee has recommended several states that are worthy of further examination and ongoing monitoring.

A second study of individual institutions is currently being conducted. This study is based on in-depth telephone interviews with Chief Information Officers at selected peer institutions. As with the state study, it is clear that there are no particularly innovative models for funding the institutional learning and telecommunications infrastructure. Most institutions fund their infrastructure through multiple sources. The study has identified several models for promoting flexibility an dinnovation within this funding environment.

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Gary Miller
  • David Wormley, Sponsor
  • Gary Miller, Leader