Graduate Processing in the School of Forest Resources

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Agricultural Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
July 1995
To study the process of admitting graduate students from first point of contact through orientation

Faculty should study the flow chart, recognize their role, and consider if they can improve ways of carrying out their responsibilities.

A biweekly applicant status report will be sent to faculty. Faculty are responsible for pursuing applicants that interest them and can ask to see application materials at any time.

A reminder of deadlines has been added to the standard letter of reply to inquiries, and also advice about contacting faculty and how assistantships are awarded. The Assistant Director for Graduate Studies wil be especially attentive to excellent candidates, and keep them informed about acceptance and financial support as rapidly as possible.

A specified number of School assistantships should be allocated to RAs.

The Director should distribute to the faculty the criteria used to determine if a course merits one or more TAs.

A policy is needed to defind if and when a student who receives School support is required to serve as a TA for one or more semesters.

The process of awarding School supported RAs and TAs needs to be explicitly described along with the selection criteria.

Reminders to faculty about the annual competition for assistantships and other forms of financial support include all pertinent information.

Everyone involved with graduate students should do their part, remembering that first impressions are very important and that our graduates will significantly affect our reputation.

The orientation program conducted in 1995 was very useful and should be continued. The Director is encouraged to continue this practice and the distribution of photos and student information, and to consider a tour of our buildings. Graduate students suggested a handout with helpful information, such as how and when to get a student ID, register for classes, get a computer access account, and respond to a tuition bill by those on an assistantship.

We suggest that recruitment of graduate applicants be given prompt attention by the faculty and Director.

Contact Person: 
Henry Gerhold
  • Larry Nielsen, Sponsor
  • Henry Gerhold, Leader
  • Dale Punshon, Facilitator