Altoona Campus Computer Software Access and Training for Staff Assistants Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Altoona College
Date Started: 
April 1995
To survey available software and usage and establish standards for software selection.

Establish a library of computer reference and support materials in or near the CLRC.

Establish a training facility with appropriate hardware.

Establish a help desk in CLRC staffed by student consultants.

Examine the possibility of using graduate students or interns.

Establish a staff assistant team to deliver a "computer help newsletter" on a regular basis.

Request a policy statement that identifies lines of responsibility for computer support among faculty, staff and staff assistants.

Conduct periodic general training sessions to update staff assistants and supervisors on computer resources.

Develop a standard procedure of software acquisition for staff assistants which will include a basic package plus specific items based upon worklplace needs.

Encourage the executive staff to inveset in upgrading our computer technology.

Establish an annual review of computer hardware, software and support staff functions.

Contact Person: 
Maggie McNulty
  • Dennis Stewart, Sponsor
  • Maggie McNulty, Leader
  • Scott Conover, Facilitator
  • Mary Hooper, Facilitator