Altoona Physical Plant Supply Distribution Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Altoona College
Date Started: 
July 1994
To improve distribution of supplies to campus offices.

Distribution of supplies improved through standardization of cleaning products, reducing the order form from 5 pages to one, & reducing delivery time from 4 days to 2.

Uniform Products - installation of 13 solutions centers. Only 10 regular standard cleaning products now being used. Overall costs reduced by using standard products.

Well stocked warehouse - All products used are in one warehouse row. There are 2-3 weeks of stock on hand. All janitor closets are now secure.

Regular ordering - The order form was reduced from 5 pages to 1 page. One a month order process has begun.

Timely deliveries - Delivery time has been reduced from an average of 4 days to 2 days or less. The second trek now makes deliveries. A complete new key system has been installed.

Contact Person: 
Frank Ciccarella
  • Rick Wareham, Sponsor
  • Frank Ciccarella, Leader
  • Bill Englebret, Facilitator
  • Chuck Kormanski, Facilitator