Women in Engineering

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Engineering, College of
Date Started: 
April 1994
To identify and improve the processes and methods for increasing the number of women graduates from the College of Engineering.


Develop Management Infrastructure to handle on-site visits by students/parents

Female admits to the COE are contacted by Envoyos, Faculty, Staff, Students

Suppport Outreach Activities such as: Spend a Summer Day; Extend Receptions for Accepted Students

Promote bi-weekly updates of recruiting statistics for the College of Engineering (every two weeks the Executive Committee is apprised of recruiting status)

Use the WWW and Develop Home Page and Bulletin Board for High-Tech Recruiting

A Special Study should be undertaken to explain why the enrollment at the campuses (10.8% for years 1984-1993) show such a disproportionate low number of women as compared to the 19.8% women enrolled in engineering at University Park for the same 10 year period.

Contact Person: 
Al Soyster
  • David Wormley, Sponsor
  • Al Soyster, Leader
  • Bob Barlock, Facilitator