Comprehensive Academic Advising and Information System Team (CAAIS)

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Date Started: 
March 1994
To provide a nationally recognized, expert-based empirically grounded advising system that is delivered by the latest technologies to supplement student/advisor relationships and to engage students in interaction inquiry of informed educational planning.

Developed interactive advising & info system

System will service approx. 80,000-100,000 clients

System is easy to use, ensures security of info, provides accurate info, promotes interaction

Student/advisor educational planning is supplemented

More than two million on-line interactions have been recorded since CAAIS was booted up in 1997. This number dwarfs anything that would be possible without this computerized system.
For example, before CAAIS, advisors in Penn State's Division of Undergraduate Studies would see from 250-300 students who wanted to late drop a class at the end of the semester. This fall only 108 students were seen, allowing advisors to devote more of their time to mentoring students. CAAIS is also cost effective: university wide, cost savings in staff time are approximately $1,000,000 based on the number and type of on-line interactions to date.

Contact Person: 
Gary Hile
  • John Cahir, Sponsor
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Gary Hile, Leader
  • Ross Brode, Member
  • Diane Greenfield, Member
  • Ruth Hussey, Member
  • Anne Kepler, Member
  • Michael Leonard, Member
  • James Levin, Member
  • Steve Littell, Member
  • Scott Smith, Member
  • Susan Winck, Member