University Libraries Information Desk

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
January 1994
To study the services offered at the Pattee information desk

Recommended a more effective means for advertising info about course related instruction & other class sessions in building

Proper & complete info about class offerings was not getting to the Info Desk in a timely manner

Recommended changing the configuration of the Information desk which will make it more visible to library users, easier for staff to provide LIAS assisance and directional information, and comfortably accommodate double coverage at the desk.

Recommended that while the Libraries continue to maintain an Information Desk, Exit Desk, and Lending Services desk in close proximity to each other, explore ways that information can be shared between Access Services and Reference Services, especially that which can be used to assist and guide patrons. All Staff working at these desks should have basic knowledge of access service procedures and policies, library operations, and the locations of the Libraries' collections and services.

Recommended development of an automated public service bulletin board of current "Events In Pattee". The service should be easily updated and made accessible through LIAS, and on the Libraries' Home Page.

Recommended establishment of a telephone helpdesk to handle those questions currently answered by the Information Desk and Lending Services.

Recommended that the directional functions of the Information Desk be combined with the functions of the Exit Desk.

Contact Person: 
Jack Sulzer
  • Jack Sulzer, Leader
  • Sally Hattig, Facilitator