Efficiency in the Eberly College of Sciences Development Office

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Science, Eberly College of
Date Started: 
March 1992
To improve the process of cultivation and stewardship of individual and corporate donors in the College of Science.

Steps to process a gift were reduced from 18 to 2. Improved donor relations by doing away with the illusion that gift value is lessened by excessive acknowledgment for small gifts.

Staff time is saved by eliminating duplicated steps and processing time is reduced so that donors receive their gift receipts in a more timely manner.

Savings in the area of gift acknowledgement is about $2000/year

Endowed Fund Stewardship:

Consistency can be achieved in donor stewardship because the computer-driven tickler will control activcity rather than relying on staff ability to remember and follow through.

Improved donor relations will result because of the "return on investment" donors will perceive when they are being told how important their generosity is to the College and how their money is being spent.

A proactive rather than reactive stance as far as stewaardship activity is concerned will allow staff to "head off many problems at the pass".

Contact Person: 
Johnnie Ray
  • Greg Geoffroy, Sponsor
  • Johnnie Ray, Leader