"The Shifting Economic Landscape and the Implications for Penn State"

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December 2008

Graham Spanier

On December 17th, 2008, Dr. Graham Spanier, President of Penn State, spoke at the Quality Advocates meeting about the shifting economic landscape and its impact on higher education and implications for Penn State. President Spanier stressed the importance of maintaining quality, access and affordability and elaborated on the following topics:

  • Penn State’s liquidity status
  • impact of losses in endowments
  • effects on fundraising/development
  • recent  decisions about capital construction
  • the impact of declining state revenues on funding for Penn State
  • student aid trends and the availability of student loans
  • maintaining moderate tuition increases and impact on employee salary increases
  • admissions and enrollment trends
  • governing board decision-making
  • effects on job markets

Some of these issues are addressed in a letter and brief video from President Spanier that can be found at http://live.psu.edu/story/36755/rss49


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