"Allocating Resources to Meet Priorities: Generating Cost Savings and Efficiencies"

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November 2002

At the November 15 meeting of Quality Advocates, representatives from two teams presented information about their efforts to develop strategies for finding new sources of income and ways to reduce costs. Bob Fantaske, Coordinator of Management Engineering in the Office of Human Resources and Sue Wiedemer, Coordinator of Financial Analysis and Cash Management in the Office of the Corporate Controller, spoke about the efforts of the Finance & Business Expenditures and Operational Efficiencies Team to look for opportunities for increased revenue, efficiencies, and consolidations.

Three team members from the $UCCE$$ Team in Outreach and Cooperative Extension-Jeff Smith, Director of Financial Analysis and Planning, Lesley Maalouf, Assistant to the Financial Officer, and Janice Pearce, Assistant Director, Budget and Finance-explained that a grass-roots, bottoms-up approach is being used to achieve financial enhancement in Outreach. It is the team’s goal to solicit employee suggestions for cost savings, process improvements, and program and service opportunities that will result in the generation of $500,000 in new revenues and cost savings by the end of the current fiscal year.

Outreach team members also described a new budget model matrix developed in OCE to evaluate current and new programming, which may result in reduced costs and improved efficiencies. The model assesses the relationships of Outreach programs to the university’s core mission, i.e., their contributions to teaching, research and service, and evaluates their financial costs and/or benefits.

Both teams emphasized that while they are striving to reduce costs at the University, they “will not compromise program quality, customer service, and employee support at the expense of financial performance.”

For more information about the Expenditures and Operational Efficiencies Team, please visit their Web site.

The slides for the $UCCE$$ presentation to Quality Advocates may be found at: [presentation] [PDF]

If you have an idea for helping Penn State save money, please send it to the Finance and Business team . Suggestions related to Continuing Education can be e-mailed to CEIdeas@outreach.psu.edu and ideas pertaining to Distance Education and the World Campus should be sent to DEWCIdeas@outreach.psu.edu.

The Quality Advocates Network meets several times each semester to share ideas and examples of improvement and change. To join the Quality Advocates Network mailing list or to learn more about the meetings scheduled, contact the staff at psupia@psu.edu.

The Quality Advocates Network is open to all Penn State faculty, staff, administrators, and students.