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Daniel P. Nugent is a Planning and Research Associate in the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment. In this role, he is responsible for preparing data for a variety of reports such as an analysis of the Faculty Exit Survey and Interviews for the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Report on Faculty Salaries for the Faculty Benefits Committee of the University Faculty Senate. Mr. Nugent is also responsible for producing the University’s “Strategic Indicators” report, a companion to the University’s strategic plan that gauges Penn State’s progress toward the goals outlined in the strategic plan.

Mr. Nugent began his Penn State career as a staff assistant in the Center for Quality and Planning supporting the University’s Continuous Quality Improvement and strategic planning initiatives. Prior to joining Penn State, Mr. Nugent worked as a program development specialist with Counseling & Care Services, a private foster care agency in Pennsylvania, and then for Recruitment Management, Inc., a foster care consulting firm, as a professional recruiter and business manager.

Mr. Nugent is a graduate of Penn State with a B.S. in health policy and administration.