Lance Kennedy-Phillips

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Lance Kennedy-Phillips is the Vice Provost for Planning and Assessment.  As vice provost, Kennedy-Phillips is responsible for leading the Office of Planning and Assessment, which consists of the Department of Planning and Institutional Research as well as the new Department for Learning Outcomes Assessment, established to provide improved University-wide support for this key aspect of our educational mission. OPA’s services are designed to promote strategic planning, continuous improvement, and institutional assessment through effective data analysis, consulting, and facilitation services. The educational component of the Office of Planning and Assessment provides education and training for planning, improvement, and assessment, and works collaboratively with other development services and units at the University as needed.  The Department for Learning Outcomes Assessment will be focused on ensuring that the University has in place comprehensive and proper support mechanisms for program assessment for all our degree programs, including undergraduate majors, certificates, minors, and graduate programs, thereby fulfilling expectations for future accreditation reviews.