Betty Harper

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Betty Harper is OPA’s associate vice provost for planning and institutional research. She is responsible for providing analytical support, and conducting institutional research using both quantitative and qualitative information relevant to strategic planning, institutional assessment, and improvement for Penn State’s senior leadership. Prior to assuming this role, Betty served as the director of Penn State’s Student Affairs Research and Assessment (2009-2011), senior project associate in the Center for the Study of Higher Education (2008-2009); graduate research assistant on several national studies of engineering education (2005-2008). Prior to working in assessment, Betty served as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in Penn State’s School of Forest Resources, where she coordinated advising for undergraduate students in three majors (1999-2004).

Betty holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education at Penn State with a minor in Educational Psychology and graduate certificate in Institutional Research. She also has an M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and B.S. in Natural Resources Conservation  from the University of Florida.

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